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Since 2020

Booker T Aborigine is an online fashion, apparel, and accessories store, revealing some history of melanined people (AKA Black) here in the Americas and around the world. We also are providing affordable clothing for the entire family, our products are universal because it suits different customers’ need.

We assure you it is extremely important that our innovative fashion helps us to connect with our rich GENEALOGY so as to better understand where we came from, and where we presently are aspiring to be. Booker T Aborigine research will allow us to travel through time as our true history continues to unfold as this information becomes common knowledge in every home throughout the diaspora.

Present Days

Present Days

Booker T Aborigine, T-shirts, Mugs, Hats, Badges as well as Phone cases printing organization. Pleased with our past experience in printing. Waiting to Print for what’s to come in Present Days. What’s more, we do it right! A full administration printing background.

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